The state of Mexico’s capital is an active and hospitable city where you can find an interesting mix of history, art and modernity. Located in the center of the country and 2,600 meters above sea level, Toluca has mild weather, characterized by its fertile valleys.

With numerous historical sites, the city of Toluca is the second of the country with the highest number of museums. It is worth mentioning about one of the world’s largest Botanical Garden, with 2,000 square meters, where you will find the Cosmovitral, work of the Mexican artist Leopoldo Flores.

Toluca was also home of the historical Scientific and Literary Institute, founded in March 3th, 1828; where characters like Ignacio Manuel Altamirano and José Vasconcelos attended. In the present day, the Autonomous Mexico State University, is one of the most important public universities in Mexico and it is the base of the Redalyc Scientific Information System, site of the Global Summit on Diamond Open Access. The Redalyc system, integrates high scientific quality journals, providing visibility and support for the consolidation of scientific journals with a non-profit publication model, with the objective to preserve the academic and open nature of scientific communication.

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